Saturday, August 9, 2014

Plots of #WasteandStorms

The series focuses on three main plots. The first is a threat of a evil god that was thought to have died years ago to a cloaked figure. The second focuses on a war between four kingdoms to take control of Sentos. The third is plotted on a young boy's marriage and hearing of the loss of his uncle, a traitor, and his taking back of the continent.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Excerpt from A Battle of Crowns- Book 1 of A Era of Waste and Storms

Lonny I

Swords clashed and Lonny Flaher applauded. He was 14 years old. He would be a man in a night. Finally, he would be able to rule Sentos on his own. His mother was.... oh gods..... terrible and embarrassing because she mothered many bastards not even from his own father nor mother. For years kids called him Bastard Boy and Unpure. The taunters heads were off in a blink.

“Mother. Let me in. I have Justice's Keep, made from Franker Steel, the sharpest of its kind.” Lonny begged.

Sword tore into flesh. The challenger burped up blood and fell to the ground.

“No Lonny. You may get hurt.” Queen Maisie Logen said.

“Why would anyone hurt their king?”

“They would.”

Lonny shut his mouth and for the longest of time, there was no talking, only the sound of metal clanking against cement rocks from the corpse. Then there was “I, Lonny Flaher, Lord of the Five, and protector of Sentos,” Lonny looked at his mother, who was shaking her head disapprovaly. “Will challenge the next person who comes forth.”

The crowd murmured.

Then a man's voice. All raspy and such. “I, the Cliff on the ground, will challenge the king.” The Cliff was 6 feet tall, but a half foot shorter than Lonny. He was Justin Sernat, the first of his name, and head of the Guarders of the King.

“Good luck standing to Justice's Keep, Ser Cliff. This sword is made of the sharpest steel in all of Sentos.”

“Sentos must be very lucky then m'lord.” The giant man said.

“Sentos is.” Lonny said and buried his sword in Ser Cliff's chest. Cliff coughed, red spittle flying out of his mouth. He then fell to the ground, and looked at the King.

“Do it quick your grace.” The dying ser said.

“I'll be glad to.” Lonny replied and with a whoosh, Ser Cliff's head was off and rolling. He shat his pants as soon as he died.


“That was..... surprising, son.” Maisie said with cold sweat.

“I know you're scared mother,” Lonny explained. “But I am still your boy king.”

“Let's just enjoy your name day.” Maisie exclaimed.

The feast had begun. There was jalapenos and grahams, pies and pasties, soup and eggs, liver and sausage. There was herring and cod and salmon.

“Wine! Cupbearer!” Maisie yelled.

The cupbearer slipped some dozy circles into the wine and Maisie drank a flagon. She yelled for more.

Soon. She was tired and went to bed. She woke as she was about to be reunited with her husband Robert.

“Who is waking me at this hour?” She said. A figure in a cloak walked in with a dagger.

“Wha-” She never finished. Queen Maisie felt cold steel on her throat, then pain, and finally warmth, oh the warmth was good to her.

Lonny then walked in. “Mother?” He whimpered. He turned towards the assassin. He lunged at him, grabbed Justice's Keep, and beheaded him.

He then stood there in blood. He never moved until dawn, when he realized it was real.

And we danced, all around

'till we were the only ones left standing

And we fought, until the end

Until we shed blood in the ending